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Case of frequent colds and Herpes

10 years old boy

Medical history:

Many colds and respiratory infections, treated with antibiotics unsuccessfully.

History of Broken Tibia at the age of 1.5

Herpes under his left eye developed after a mosquito bite.

Chief complaint:

On the Physical

· Catching colds easily especially in change of seasons (fall, spring), Coryza, cough, ear infection.

· Herpes breakout under his right eye.

· Feels the bone in the winter (the broken tibia)

· Stinky feet

On the Mental/emotional

· Says ‘No’ all the time. (Mother is complaining).

· He is very compassionate towards animals and very empathic, sensitive and easily offended.

· Panic attacks.

Other characteristics:

Love classical music, playing the piano, baking and cooking.


I love sour on a level I eat fresh lemon.

I’m trying to be vegan now, no animal products

I feel sorry for the animals.



After constitutional remedy, symptoms improved significantly, first the Herpes disappeared, sensitivity to cold reduced significantly. Doesn’t feel the pain in the bone anymore. Less contradicting, and calmer.

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