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Eye inflammation (Conjunctivitis or Pink eye)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

This is a case of a 3 years old girl, with chronic conjunctivitis (pink eye)

She suffered from skin asthma, which was worse when she was a baby. It usually erupts when the weather changes.

There was history of hand and foot disease, mostly on her hand and feet. Red blisters, and a bit of rash around the mouth.

Her mother was seeking help when she had a sudden allergic reaction, which manifested in her eyes; On May 2020 after bathing in an inflatable pool in the back yard, her eyes itched, towards the evening they became red and swell and nose also started to drip, there was some sneezing and watery eyes.

Euphrasia officinalis 30C helped. After 2 hours almost cleared everything, another dose helped completely.

She had few more episodes of acute allergic reaction like this, which Euphrasia helped clear.

In her short health history, she always had eye symptoms; which started with red eyes sometimes with discharge of yellowish-greenish like fluid. Sometime they would swell. It was always treated with antibiotic eye drops.

Mother sometimes noticed it when she woke up but sometimes when she would come back from school.

Her skin was always sensitive; as a baby, it was mostly red rash on her cheeks that only a steroid cream would help, it was burning.

Today, the eruptions are from her butt to the legs and on the back, and sometimes on her arms above the elbow. This sensitivity reduced significantly after starting homeopathy.

This sweet little girl, adapt to new situations fast. Likes to play with other older kids, but content playing by herself as well. Very verbal, affectionate, stubborn, and doesn’t like loud noises.

Euphrasia continued to help her, and the reaction in her eyes lessened. In the fall of 2020 she didn’t have any eye complains, only had runny nose and sneezing, which Euphrasia continued to help resolve.

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