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Saving a tooth with homeopathy

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

56 years old male, I have treated for the second time for tooth abscess. He already lost one tooth due to a pocket created in the gum under the tooth, this pocket created conditions for bacteria to grow and despite repeated tries the tooth could not be saved and was extracted. He used few homeopathic remedies to support the entire process, without interference to the specialist decisions.

A year ago it was his right lower molar; swelling of the gum and pressing pain. This was a tooth next to the one that was extracted, and he feared he might loose this one too. The remedy Hepar-S-C 30C followed by Calendula mouthwash helped and after 48 hours all back to normal.

This time Pain began on the Left lower molar in a tooth that has large amalgam filling. The pain started when biting, pain described as a pressing pain, yet there was no swelling, he feared it might be the root, but there was no sensitivity to heat or cold. Never the less I gave him Hypericum 30C, which is known to help with nerve pain. There was no change. I reassessed what’s going on again, thinking what if there is inflammation deep down? I gave him the Remedy Hepar-S-C 30C and after 2 hours there was local swelling in the gum. This is a good sign, since the inflammation is coming up into the surface. He repeated the remedy every 3 hours. The pain gradually reduced and the next day there was no swelling and no pain. He finished with Calendula mouthwash, to help heal the area.

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