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Testimonial - Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

I have had a severe case of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and angioedema triggered by hormonal imbalance.

I have had a previous bout with CIU about ten years prior, during which I was treated with steroids, Xolair shots and allergy medicines and it took about 6 months to subside.

This time the urticaria hit me harder and to top it all I was breastfeeding so many of the original medications were not an option for me. Still, I tried allergy medicines, a shot of steroids and a shot of Xolair in an attempt to find relief as soon as possible, but none of it worked. This led me to classical homeopathy and my wonderful healing experience and care by the hands of Yifat.

I was impatient at first and eager to resume my normal life with an infant at home but having nothing else work for me at the general medicine field but steroids, which I know from past experience will basically not handle the root cause of my CIU, I led the homeopathy take the lead.

Yifat treated me with several remedies and basically provided me with the first relief for my itching and hives as well as for my angioedema for the first time in several weeks. I can honestly say that it was the first thing that had worked for me and it was basically life saving.

Yifat provided me with emotional support through this arduous process and was open to my questions and reservations. She worked along my inhibitions and physical limitations, and was there for me 24/7 with constant updates morning day and night for several long weeks.

Consequently, the CIU is now under control after 3 months (half the time it took last time with conventional medicine), I did not have to quit breastfeeding, which was of the utmost importance for me, I feel relieved and stronger mentally and physically to tackle it and it completely change the way I lead my life.

I would not have been in this place if it weren't for Yifat's guidance, support and expertise.

Thank you Yifat for the wonderful gift of homeopathy and wisdom.

T. Y.

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